Professional Experience

State Opera Plovdiv, Bulgaria

European Capital of Culture 2019

Carmen — Sonia Alonso after Alberto Alonso

- 4 Women

Carmen, written by the composer Rodion Schedrin and George Bizet. Cuban choreographer Sonia Alonso visited Plovdiv and worked with the company in detail to revive this legendary ballet set by her husband Alberto Alonso specifically for Maya Plisetskaya at the Bolshoi Theater in 1967.

Aquarelle— Anna Doneva

- Rubenstein Pas de Deux

Aquarelle explores the forms and emotions associated with the path of movement. The ballet is based mainly on the choreographer's personal curiosity about the alliance between emotion, movement and the shapes of the body.


- Wilis, Peasants

Maria de Buenos Aires— Veselka Kuncheva

- Chorus/Interpretive/Ballet

The surrealist opera by Astor Piazzola , a fusion of tango, poetry and classical music, tells of Maria, who, seduced by tango music, falls into the underworld of Buenos Aires. The passionate story of biblical symbolism, in which it is sacrally and profanely intertwined, is transformed by the fantasies of director Veselka Kuncheva in a highly visual spectacle-dream with the special participation of Lucy Dyakovska. The impressive stage design and the fiery choreography are united by the Latin American bandoneon instrument , which, from the seductive "voice" of the orchestra materializes into a destructive weapon on stage.

Cinderella — Boryana Sechanova

- Spring Season, corps

Swan Lake

- Neopolitan (Soloist), corps

American Repertory Ballet

Douglas Martin

June 2016-May 2018

December 2017The Nutcracker

Snow, Flowers, and Marzipan Corps de Ballet, Party Scene Maid

August 2017 Cranbury Day Celebration

Shades, La Bayadere

July 2017An Evening of Dance

Dvorak Intermezzo, choreographed by Mary Barton, Soloist

May 2017The Sleeping Beauty

Canary Fairy, Dryads, Lilac Fairy Attendants

December 2016The Nutcracker

Snow, Flowers, and Spanish Corps de Ballet

August 2016Once Upon a Summer's Day

Thistles Pas de Deux

July 2016An Evening of Dance

Blithe Pleasures, choreographed by Mary Barton, Soloist

TanzOlymp Berlin

February 2018Competition

Satanella Variation

Raymonda Act II Variation

Master Classes with Viara Natcheva, Anna Polikarpova, and Iana Salenko